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I have been browsing lately, looking for a good tutorial for paper flowers. I see them everywhere and love them always. They are excellent on top of a simply wrapped package, beautiful paired on long stems in a vase, and elegant on a wreath. They dazzel in brilliant bright colors and understated ivories, with script or type-face telling secret messages, they can be tailored to interests--being made out of maps, or favorite photos. Best of all, they are easy peasy to make. I made these using a very nice template, (lovely prints!) from Ellinee.com but they can be made without a template easily enough.
Sketch (if you're the type) a "flower" shape, think simple to start, onto regular weighted printer paper. On the ellinee.com blog, you'll notice the petal layers (flower shapes that you drew) have v shaped cuts in them (see above). This helps you later on in getting the right shape from each differently sized layer. If you're not using one of ellinee's fabulous templates, cutting a V shaped slice out of your petal layer is good enough (don't bother with the "glue tab" appendage on the side of the V). You can later hot glue each half of the V into the cone shape.
Also, if you've bravely decided not to use the template (you should really try it!) it may be easier to cut out the desired shape in a heavy cardstock material and trace this onto the lightweight flower paper. Each layer should be slightly smaller than the next so as to allow them to nicely fit together. I recommend cutting many at once to save time.
I think it looks very nice to curl the sides of the individual petals in each layer and it gives the effect of an opening flower. This can be done pretty easily using scissors--as long as you are careful not to shred your petals in the process (after doing this several times, I discovered that the rips can be rather easily repaired using hot glue). But do be careful to try and cut the glue strings, and hide these layers best as you can, because it is pretty obvious, (see if you can spot the tears in the finished product-it's like a game!)
After you have your shapes cut, you can fold them into little cones, or cups, which will be nestled like Russian dolls. I like to build my cups so that the petals curl underneath the cup, and folding allows you to see the shape of your petals before you secure them, thereby allowing time to trim any excess etc.
To make the center of the flower, cut out the shape of a single petal, you can make several of these to change the way the center of the flower looks. Curl the rounded edges of the petal to add dimension and roll it into a tube shape (you can use a pencil, or bamboo stick as a way to hold the shape). Glue the tube closed. I suggest cutting glue strings and trying to be relatively neat, but you'll see I've made even this messy center passable in the end...
With the center glued, add additional petals in a spiraling pattern. I suggest doing this loosely, unless you're going for a "closed" flower effect..this can be a little tricky so I recommend holding (or temporarily sticking) the petals in place so that you can look at the overall affect before gluing them in place.
Now let's return to the petal layers; secure the pre-folded cup shape with hot glue (be careful, or maybe buy the low temperature hot glue to spare your fingers...paper is very thin). After you've glued all of your petal layers into cups, stack them to visualize the end effect, make any edits to the design now before securing the layers. I trimmed a few petals, and glued a few I ripped while trying to increase the curl.
After you are happy with all the layers of your flower, secure them together with a dot of hot-glue in the center. Note that the glue doesn't dry immediately and adding too much will cause your layers to slide in and out of place, this is helpful if you want to adjust/rotate the layers, but can be a nusiance if you've set it to dry leaning on one side. I left these alone overnight to dry, since I am eapecially clumsy with drying (must be the millenial impatience), but they're likely dry in less than a half hour if you haven't splurged on glue.
If you'd like, you can add some leaves to your flower (I've cut some for this display but didn't bother attaching, you can see them at the top). They look nice peeking out from the large base, especially if you fold them with lovely dimples down the middle... In any case, you're done now! And that didn't take too long did it?

Updated: 3/12/13
I have been working on a LOT of these guys lately for some various projects, and along with applying for various part time jobs, have been lagging in my blogging...soo sorry to my random occasional (likely accidental) viewers (haha!). So in the delay, I've decided to share some more paper flowers! Get pumped!
I made a few roses with the above template in different sizes and colors, but i really love the ivory ones on the left (get the pattern for free by ellinee.com). Unfortunately, these rosesgot squished in my messy crafting bin, so, after fluffing a bit...I have found a new place for them! I intend to use these guys in a wreath, maybe with some blue ribbon? Or some burlap?
Anyway...the little guys in the front are spiral roses, for which you can find a super simple tutorial on ellinee. I love their idea for sticking these to branches, and will be stealing it (thanks for sharing!) I have these annoying tumbleweed-esque brambles that continually blow against my house and are just begging to be torn up, sparkled, and thrown in a vase. So look forward to that happening in a post near you...as soon as I find one the dogs haven't peed on...(yucky)
I just love the way the green and blush look together in the rose variant of the ellinee tutorial above.
I used the above template to design a rose on this faux vintage sheet music. You can find this online to print for free over at Tip Junkie
I used the above template to design a few of my own patterns and color arrangements. You can find free vintage sheet music printables over at Tip Junkie if you don't want to waste your sheet music. And I recommend mixing colors and patterns--I like the way that the blush and green look in the above flower.
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