So it's a little late, but better that than never-- I've decided to share some of my February decorations (mostly heart crafts).
Paper Heart Chains! Tissue paper is adhered to cardstock with spray adhesive , cut into strips, folded like V's with each end rolled towards the center and secured into hearts using hot glue.
I always love festive linked chains, so I thought I'd try my hand at these little paper hearts. They were surprisingly easy to make, and I love the way that each heart is a little different. I hung some from short chains (below) all over the house. They spin and at quite lovely. ;)
As with all my crafting projects, you may notice some clumsy errors, such as the tissue paper peeling from the edges of each strip...this is fixed if you add sufficient adhesive when initially sticking, or afterword, touch up with some hot glue (careful--the paper is thin and the glue is very hot, unless you've been clever enough to get the low temperature hot glue) Also, be aware that the spray adhesive will discolor tissue paper-I kind of like being able to see the tint of the cardstock through the tissue, but it's something to keep in mind when selecting cardstock.
I just love the way they dangle! As you can see, I also made a long chain (using fishing line) to hang above my windows in addition to the short vertical chains. These are strung in the same way, using a needle that has been single-threaded through each heart and knotted at the ends. This allows the hearts to move around on the chain unless you secure them in place ie: tie them individually onto the string. If you are like me, and want to minimize effort, pull the fishing line string through several places of the heart...or you could use thicker string, but I like the floating effect of fishing line. Now that I have a plethora of these paper hearts, I can make them into a wreath, and save them for next year--and start on the Easter crafts (chickies anyone?)

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