Oops! What a messy cut!
Edges make a difference!
Now for those of you, like me, who stubbornly refuse to adhere to common sense and wisdom, and who continue to not use stencils, rulers, or to sketch ahead of time, it can be suprisingly hard to draw a straight line, let alone cut one--or maybe I just missed that lesson in kindy-garten. While it really is in your benefit to use the aforementioned tools, there are some alternatives. You can fold and tape edges of paper and fabric to hide excess material. If you've already gone ahead and made a messy cut, errors can sometimes be fixed or can be compensated for with a little creativity. Make scalloped edges where you've cut a little unevenly, and fringe hides many errors! If you've over-compensated for a messy edge by making fringe and then accidentally cut a piece of the fringe incorrectly (this will leave an obvious empty chunk), you can sometimes glue missing pieces back into place using hot glue, or the adhesive of choice for your project...not that I've ever done this. So, happy crafting clumsy ones--and remember, sometimes it's just easier to use a ruler..
A lovely fringe can hide many errors!

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