Making stray marks into faux-design elements. 
This is a common issue of mine, probably because I am constantly painting outside of the lines (when I bother to draw them). For someone such as myself, who is completely lacking in precision, this is a crucial "faking it" skill; a must have in the crafting world.
You can see in the above image, I have chosen to "make it snow" on my peacock. Overall the card ended up looking nice enough, my key phrase, though several elements were unintentionally improvised. The snowing polka-dots began when my hand shook, causing some detail I was adding to Mr. Peacock to drip across the page. After carefully drawing little circles around each drip, I added a few intentional silver drips to complement my snowy background...and voila--! Except that I never can stop embellishing once I've begun, and so I started to outline the snowflakes I had painted. while detailing, I smeared ink and had to improvise a little--the result of which is the extra "crystalline" structure on my snowflakes---perhaps not ideal, but better than wasting the whole card for some minor drips and smears!
As some of you may know, glitter paint can be very thin (good for top coats) and doesn't always give a good polka-dot effect, which was the intention for this christmas card (above) while trying to blob an esecially large glop of paint, I mis-fired and ended up with way too much--so I smeared it into a strip with my paint brush and outlined the stems of the feathers in glitter. Annoyingly, my peacock friend didn't seem snowy enough, so I decided to go for it, and added more glitter paint until it looked sufficiently blizardous--he got a little snowed in, but all in all I think it looks pretty good for beig unintentional, the theme here being: overdesign and save your mistakes--no need to give up and throw it out!

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