Mod-podge is one of the best tools in our crafting closet. It can be used to adhere and seal many different types of crafting projects. I used it to decoupage a fun collage for my little sister, too many photo frames to count, and even my floral placemats. Some thoughts for we clumsy crafters: Firstly, unfortunately mod-podge can be rather, well, sticky (go figure). So it's best to attempt to be careful while waiting for it to dry, and not do things like lay your wet craft on a dusty floor where your doggies can tramp all over it (not sure if you can see the hair stuck to the photo trio below) . It can also discolor fabric and thin paper as in the above frame, if you use too much of it.
Essentially, remember that a little goes a long way. Also, as in many crafts, patience can be a virtue--letting the first layer dry before attempting another coat will help prevent wrinkling, smearing ink and ripping paper. So venture forth and good luck ye clumsy crafter--

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