It has been a blessing in disguise to have not begun my garden outside earlier--hopefully the roses and the trees survive all this wet snow!
I have been "closely" monitoring my seed starter now for a while now, and after my initial excitement at seeing little shoots sprouting from my newly planted seeds, I have subsequently killed all the tomatoes. A few days after finding my sprouts, I watered and placed them in the afternoon sun for a few hours. I then took them back inside and placed them in their original place atop the washing machine--wherein I failed to do anything else with them all week. Now it has snowed again, making me grateful that I haven't planted them outside, but certain that it is time to transplant! So I will be placing some of the sprouts in pots and hopefully can save some of these dead little guys!
Oops! They have collapsed!
Of course, being a master procrastinator, I didn't get back to this project until several days after I wrote the first part of this post...by then, the sprouts were beyond dead--but I figured I'd try anyway. 
I began by cutting up the individual pots from this seed starter. I tried to select a few with some stronger looking (ie: less dead) sprouts. 
After I had cut out an individual pot, I filled a plastic pot with potting soil and dug a little hole. I then placed the pot into the little hole and added more potting soil on top. I think it is easier if you water the first bit of dirt and then add your pot, because otherwise the little pot floats when you water---even if you've added a bunch of dirt to cover it. Another thing to think about (assuming the little sprouts survive this transplant) is the drainage in the pot. Most seeds and bulbs tell you what type of sunlight and water drainage levels are required. For seeds that require more drainage, I placed a few rocks at the bottom of the pot, and tried not to pack the dirt too much. 
here you can see some of my pots on the counter beside my "Thriving" basil plant. I figured it was best to wait until the snow had passed before placing them outside.
Of course, having finally gotten the energy to plant my seedlings, I had to wait a few days before they could be placed outside...since I didn't want to kill them with frost...Eventually though, it warmed enough for me to set them on the little deck.  Of course, I still have quite a few seedlings left over--so now I need to work up the energy to rake the yard and prepare a suitable place to plant some of them! (I am thinking I should have done that before starting the seeds....oh well!)
I was so happy to have ~60 degree weather today! I put together another pot and planted one of my peony bulbs! Hopefully I can manage to gets some plants in my potted garden this year!

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