This was the view from my window as I began blogging on Monday
I am laughing to myself a bit that I am posting this after a week of snowstorms here in NoCo--we sure did need the water though! With such a dry winter we were almost 8 feet below normal water levels in the beginning of march and now we're up to 90% (though the drought continues in the south). In any case, I am determined to think of spring! 

So to start my spring right, this year I will attempt a garden. I am typically not terribly good at gardening, so this probably won't end very well--but it's important to try new things, and it sure would be nice to have fresh vegetables! To start my garden, I will need to do a lot of work, and I thought I'd share with you as I went along--so enjoy and feel free to share tips, since I will surely need a lot of advice! Now to business--I bought this seed starter a few weeks ago with good intentions, although with all this snow, I'm glad my laziness kicked in (my seeds may not have done well in this weather, or so I shall tell myself). Anyway, I added a few spoonfuls of seed starter to each tray in the seed starter. This proved to be poor decision making, since I didn't end up needing every tray and then I began to worry I'd forget where I had placed seeds.
To resolve one of my concerns, I decided to make tags for my seeds. I purchased some clothespins from the dollar store and painted them in fun colors. I decided to use magazine clippings to add labels (a la ransom note style). A little mod podge on the painted pin and a little on top sticks the letters and then seals them down. (If you are so inclined, mod podge makes an outdoor formula--but i just used the regular kind).
I wasn't very fussy about letter placement, which I think is just fine--they work well and are pretty cute too!
After my pots were labelled, i added abother scoop of soil and covered the tray with the plastic cover. Now lets hope my seeds sprout!
Tammy c
4/24/2013 02:30:09 am

I think you will do just fine with this venture...maybe a rain barrel at your roofs edge will help you water just use it regularly don't want larvae growing!

4/24/2013 05:10:50 am

What a clever sustainable watering idea! Your point about larvae is a good one. Potentially dangerous mosquitos, such as a.aegypti who carries dengue and west nile among others, find it a lovely breeding place. I don't recommend keeping standing water for more than two days, since it only takes about five days for adults to hatch from eggs.


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