I was attempting to set up my fourth qRT-PCR when the coworkers began talking about the brewery. Luckily my headphones obscure the most lucious of details, but by the time I've diluted my standard curve, I am salivating, too bad I shan't be joining them at 4. You see, today they've invited execs from a potential merger company (let's call them Smiley-town, since it's fun and we can), and though I did try, I could not get here at a reasonable time this morning. Instead, I had the lucky pleasure of walking into the building just ahead of the big wigs, forcing me to cross the threshold flanked by the awaiting CEO and the visiting COO (people I typically like to avoid). Of course, I also sit right next to the door, so now everyone gets to watch me unpack my purse and log in to my computer while they wait for the Smiley-town execs to get their briefcases in order. I happily had some amplification plots already loaded on my sleeping computer, so at least I got to look like I was doing something when the smiley-town folk were ushered into the adjacent conference room in a blur of movement meant to hide their tardy employee. Ah well, the joys of industry!


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    April 2013